Wednesday, 23 February 2011

In the Name of Art

Larry arrived the next morning to paint Mistress. It was early for him. Even I was hardly out of my basket and still yawning as he wheezed up to the bedroom.

“You look a bit worse for wear,” Larry said to Mistress.

He moved his easel to the left, dragging a gammy leg in a sad attempt at travel. Larry’s shirt was torn. Both Archie and I had decided that he should have got another job years ago. But then, that applied to Mistress, too. There was not a bean to be had in the art world right now. Not unless Mistress could find a hidden masterpiece.

“It’s called the natural look,” Mistress replied. She swept her hair up over her scalp.

From where I watched at the corner of her counterpane, I could see the dark shadows under my mistress’s eyes.

“Tommy bit the Council man yesterday,” she said.

Larry pointed a paint brush in my direction. “He’s a liability, that dog, and ugly to boot! That’s two of us he’s bitten”

I tried to stare him out but without success. Larry was no longer looking at me.

“One day, your pug will disappear like a puff of smoke,” Larry went on.

Mistress rolled off the bed. She threw a dressing gown around her, covering the black bodice that Larry was far too keen on adjusting. Archie called him ‘a hands on painter’.

“The session is over,” Mistress said, her lips tight. “I won’t have my dog criticised by you of all people. He’s the best friend I ever had!”

I gave a bark and felt myself glow with pleasure. My little tail wouldn’t stop wagging. Couldn’t I find a way of getting rid of these undesirable men for ever?

Follow what goes on with this dog.

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